This blog is a bit undertaken forced by changes in my life, caused by the desire to honor my descendants, my family, and friends who have believed in me.

Anacom, it will be apart of the community management (as you have already seen), Anacom colored.

ANACOM – community management will be a bit atypical. I have explored several blogs and web sites and all are very technical as will be part of my posts too, but I believe that things have to be simple, to flow, exposed in a consistent manner. This part of the blog will sometimes be more technical, and sometimes more diaphanous. For me, the social marketing gives a tremendous change towards a world of collaborative, bidirectional creation – where you and I are participants throughout the process.

We have to adapt ourselves to live in a new world where we’re not treated as a collective personality, but as an individual with its own personality, both consumer and content provider, and even beyond creator, because in the end we’re trying to create this world at our convenience, as our patterns, where we all want to have our place/role, and where we all want to be recognized.


Anacom it’s created to defend and justify apart from community management and social marketing, basically open communication in the virtual world, creating and managing relationships, and controlling collaborative processes.


Social networks, social marketing, SEO, SEM (…) everything else that is part of the Community management, has made me think that it would be a good start to begin build up ourselves in the age of internet along with you creating a better world, jumping the slippery surfaces of the unknown, sliding and making mistakes, getting up again, learning, improving and growing to make ourselves heard in an atmosphere of social noise.

«Signified means identified in an environment of social noise.» – said the Polo’s brothers in their book «#Socialholic».

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