Revenue management with humor

Why this? Because one day I decided that the world of sales strategies would be a good starting point to agree with marketing strategies – what to sell, to whom, when and at what price implementing all this in offers that boost and maximize revenue.

I thought it was going to go smoothly, that it would be easy, that everything will flow and that I will navigate within the new concepts as on a calm sea.

What did I find? Well, if in marketing you always experiment looking for answers, in the revenue everything is very accurate, very precise, very argued with numbers and data. If one defines the client precisely, the other provides more precise demand, if one plays with offers around prices is because the other has decided on the basis of a well-founded forecast.

In conclusion: if one controls, manages, optimizes, implements in a very pragmatic way, the other does the same but in a more playful way, giving shape and color, creating the charm around the product, around the brand, stimulating the desire!

Why with humor? Because I have found numbers, statistics and graphics that have taken my sleep, as well as the game Tetris in my childhood years. And then I thought that I’m going to take it with humor, trying to change my position as a seducer to a manager. A bit complicated and antagonistic, but full of surprises!

What would I deserve to tell you after all this?

Well, it has been a very intense course, but very well documented. That there are people behind this course who do their job with a lot of passion, and with enthusiasm. That knowing a little more you realize how little you know. That I like to step on firm and sure, that I love being able to draw from tables full of numbers strategies to tell the future in a more precise way. And I end by quoting my tenacious tutor of this course; “Let revenue management be with us!”

Peisaj Martie 23,2016 – Landscape March 23, 2016

Umed…, gri…., cald in habitaclul maşinii, răcoare afară! În depărtare munţii. La o “aruncătură” de vreo 6 km, atât cât îmi permite vederea, norii albi, ca şi cum s-ar odihni pe grumazul unui cal, se preling spre vale.
În stânga, la o bucată de drum, vechile mele balerine in clăpari sub migdalii cu fruct tânar, acum insoţite de pui – nişte orătănii ciudate, cu picioroange şi pene lungi ca niste curci despletite. Printre ele, gaiţe – câteva raţe pe jumătate domesticite.
Mai hăis, in dreapta, sângerand spre stradă prin galbenul colinei, un pâlc de maci. La vreun km, pe aceeaşi parte răsar de sub măslinii gri-verzui oiţele. E primăvara – au apărut mieii pentru tăiere!
Si Paştele-i aici, dupa colţ, inăltând crucea dinaintea sacrificiului.


Wet.., gray …., warm car cabin and cool outside! Mountains in the distance. At a «throw» of about 6 km, so as my view allow me, white clouds, as would rest on the neck of a horse, trickling over the valley.
On the left side, a little away, my old ballerinas in boots under almond trees with young fruit, now accompanied by babies – some poultry strange stilts with long feathers, like turkeys disheveled. Among them, jays – some half-domesticated ducks.
Further, on the right handside, bleeding through the yellow hill, to the street, a cluster of poppies.
At one km on the same side, arise under olive gray-green trees, little sheep. It’s spring – appeared lambs for slaughter!
And Easter is here, under the corner, raising the cross before the sacrifice.