Coloured Anacom

Coloured Anacom I have lived before and after internet! Much has been lost with the lack of touchable human factor, with the lack of time with yourself, the importance of doing nothing – «the lost of absence» – «loss of lack» as Michael Harris said in his book – “The end of absence”. I propose…

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Anacom colores

About me

I come from a fairly unknown country, or known only by it name. Most people who ask me about my origin, has vague preconceptions. By keeping a conversation about my country, few people show interest in further investigating or become acquainted about it. Apart of it I am restless, but quite ignorant (voluntarily) in regards…

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Anacom colores

About Anacom

This blog is a bit undertaken forced by changes in my life, caused by the desire to honor my descendants, my family, and friends who have believed in me. Anacom, it will be apart of the community management (as you have already seen), Anacom colored. ANACOM – community management will be a bit atypical. I…

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